Google Paid A Guy To Travel 500,000 km To Capture Thailand’s Countryside

By on Mar 31, 2016

Thailand is a big country, at just under 200,000 square miles. Two years ago, Google made the decision to try and map as much of the country as possible, which is difficult considering that most of the nation is countryside.

On Monday, Google added 150 new places of interest in the country, and it was all the work of a single man who walked over 300,000 miles with a 40 pound camera on his back to capture it all.



Thai triathlete named Panupong Luangsa-ard strapped on the backpack and trudged through most of the country.



“While collecting just the tea plantations and strawberry fields, he burned through four pairs of shoes,” a Google spokesman told Mashable.

The epic walk took just over two years.



Luangsa-ard only took days off when it was rainy, since the camera needs fair weather. And each working day lasted 6 to 8 hours, the battery life of the camera.

The fruits of his labors? Well those can be seen below…






  • Esma Sehbajraktarevic

    Respect man, excellent work, thank you so much!

  • Jin

    bullcrap 300000 miles over two years is roughly 410 km per day, walking 410km in 6 to 8 hours per day sounds like an april fool joke

    • Woo Hiz

      Per the mashable article:

      “Panupong travelled an estimated 500,000 km using a mix of transportation methods, and walked about 500 km of it.”