Incredible Images of The Complexity of Human Eyes (14 Images)

By on Jan 14, 2014

Has someone ever said to you “Your eyes are beautiful?” I think if they saw them up this close they may not say it quite like that. That is unless odd looking surfaces of other worlds is beautiful. I think these pictures give eyes a look that pushes them into the world of weird and yet fascinating.

Eyes are amazing organs both in their function and their physical formation, may these pictures to tell that story!















  • Nishchal

    Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful!!!

  • Jack

    is it weird that i’m turned on by this?

    • Habibabib

      No, not if BuTThOLeS are ur thang…cuz, most of em look-a-like-a butthole to me!! LOL…some of em is Nasty, too! ;D

      • inarimi

        lol.. my thoughts exactly

        • Skt_Z4

          O Dear! You Must Go to some Laundry & Wash Your Brain a Thousand Times in Tide!

      • Skt_Z4

        Shame on you!!!

    • Skt_Z4

      There are many other Websites to turn you on! AH!

  • inarimi

    neat to look at.. the blackness is eerily deep

  • tonyc0101

    Powerful to see how something so incredibly complex looks in fine detail! I’m reminded of something a science professor said: “If you ever want evidence to believe in the existence of God, just take a look at the human body and all of its complexities.”

    • Skt_Z4

      Indeed a Great Reply!!! 🙂 (Y)

      I Salute your Thought!

    • El Ruke

      For me it’s the complexity of the livings which demonstrates the fact that god doesn’t exist. Little modifications of proteins, genes through millions of years with us for result !

      • Rüdiger Thiede

        Either way before this turns into some sort of debate, I guess we can all agree the eye is an incredible structure 🙂

        • El Ruke

          i’m just surprised to see that many comments who takes those picture for proof of the existence of god …. of course it’s incredible !

          • Rüdiger Thiede

            Fair enough. I’m religious but I don’t see this as “proof” of anything in particular, not a self-contained logical or scientific proof anyway. (Though, by the same token, it also does not prove the converse.)

          • El Ruke

            I’m a scientist and not religious at all. i see us and all the living thing on earth like amount of cells, simple machina reacting automatically to the environnement, simple electrical stimuli ^_^. i have forged my thought about that during my learning of biology and physiology. Of course it’s just what i’m thinking about this and everybody have the right to think other ways. As a scientist i can’t let someone talk about proof without arguments :p ! the funny and orrifying thing about what i think about life is, if we are juste cells connected together (by the way, we have bactéria inside our cells, mitochondrias…), if we are just machines, there is no life after the death, no soul, no spirit and the dead is just an end, and that my friend is just scary as hell !! best regards :p

          • Rüdiger Thiede

            Fair enough, you will have your view regarding these things of course. My point is only that complexity demonstrates nothing in and of itself, counter to your claim that it demonstrates atheism. Though I do understand you were replying to the author of the first comment on his own terms 🙂

      • Juan Dizon

        The eye is composed of various cells. Each cell has various proteins. Each protein contains anywhere from hundreds to thousands of amino acids. For each protein to function properly, the amino acids have to be aligned correctly. For each amino acid in each protein in each cell to be in the right position by chance is less likely than winning the lotto everyday for a million years. And that is just the eye. For a human being to function and be able to replicate, all the cells of the other organs have to be functioning properly at the same time. Even if one has a hundred billion years to make this happen by chance, as in evolution, that time is not enough. This is mathematical proof that this could not have happened by chance. The human body had to be designed by a very wise Designer.

        • El Ruke

          ho god, you seem to have the knoledge, but evolution took a very long time indeed, but it’s enough regarding to the spontaneous mutation we have everydays in our body and all the factors wich can speed up this process. By the way, retrovirus can insert a gene into our genome, that can explain, partially, the evolution of the spicies. In my opinion 😉

          • Juan Dizon

            Just to illustrate how improbable it is for an eye to form by means of chance combination of amino acids. If there is ball 1 and ball 2 in a box, and one would try to take ball 1 first and then ball 2 from the box, without looking, his chance of success is 1 in 2 or 1 chance in 2×1, or in mathematical terms 1 in 2! If there are 3 balls numbered 1, 2, and 3, and he tries to take ball 1 first, and then 2, and then 3, without looking, his chance of success is 1 in 6, or 1 in 3x2x1, or 1 in 3! If there are 4 balls, his chance is 1 in 24, or 1 in 4x3x2x1, or 1 in 4! If there are 5 balls, his chance is 1 in120, or 1 in 5! If there are 100 balls, his chance would be extremely small, 1 in 100! So for a protein with 100 amino acids, the chance of all the amino acids to align in the correct way is 1 in 100! And to make it even more improbable, the protein has to be folded in a specific 3-dimensional way for it to be functional. Even if the amino acids are aligned correctly, if the protein is folded the wrong way, it will not be functional. And there is a huge number of ways a protein with 100 amino acid can be folded. And we are talking about only 1 protein. And there are hundreds, or thousands of proteins in each cell. And there are thousands of cells in the eye. And they all have to have the right configuration for the eye to function. The chance of this happening is virtually nil even if you have a hundred billion years to get it done. The only logical conclusion to arrive at is that the eye was designed by a ver intelligent being.

      • Angel

        Do you have a brain? If yes, can you see your brain? If No, then you don’t have a brain! How can you say you have a brain if you can’t see it. This is the logic use by people who doesn’t believe in the existence of God, if they can’t see God, God doesn’t exist. Same thing with your pea brain! BTW, who invented proteins? ops, sorry you can’t answer my question, your brain doesn’t exist ’cause you can’t see it. LOL!

    • Alexandru Hagiu

      Believing that God created the eye makes it less and less special, especially since most religious people use it as an argument for the existence of God. What’s so special about our complexity if it was just engineered? It’s far more awe inspiring to look at how we evolved, to study all of the reiterations the human body underwent to reach this present form.

  • Martin Redzepagic

    zoom 😉 all rights reserved to Dimitar Kekshn (Lowkey) Shavkulovski

  • Mark Zion

    these are proofs of an intelligent designer =)

    • Michael C. Main

      You must not understand what proof is then.

  • Guest

    what if every human eye represent a different universe, who knows?

    • aSomebody93

      Only god knows

  • Tuncay Kaplan

    what if every single human eye represents a different universe, who knows?

  • Zara

    Subhan Allah! and no doubt all praises to AlmightyAllah!

  • Neeyo

    “an iPhone is just happened to be existing without a designer but
    through the many years of slowly modification of itself” can anybody
    with healthy mind believe this? If not, Then why anyone could be in
    doubt about the existence of creator of the most sophisticated “human
    body” and other amazing natures…???!!!

    As you give credits for the technological equipments inventors, please give God/Jehovah the credit he deserves.

  • eva

    καταπληκτική η ανθρώπινη ύπαρξη

  • Ăßiř DêmÖi’ZélŁê De Lùẍe

    Sobhan Allah! Allah Akbar!!

  • angarag

    look like black hole

  • vinci

    the browns look meh but the green and blue ones look great 😀

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